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Geographical Coverage

As an agency based in the MENA region, AMRB has conducted research across most markets in this part of the world. Further, AMRB has also conducted projects in markets beyond this region - in Europe, Sub Saharan Africa and Asia.


Level 3, Makeen Building, Airport Road,
Garhoud, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates

CAIRO (Egypt)

Villa no. 9, 9th floor,
2A El-Harass El-Gomhory Buildings,
Akkad Mall, El-Nasr Road, Nasr City
Cairo, Egypt


3, Angle Alfred de Musset & Abdel Kader El Mazini,
First Floor, Quartier Gautier,
Casablanca 20000, Morocco.

RIYADH (Saudi Arabia)

Office no 17., Building No. 5,
Al Gazzavi Complex,
Thahilya Street, Riyadh KSA

JEDDAH (Saudi Arabia)

Office No: 24, Markez Bin Hamoud Building,
Beside Bicycle Circle,
King Fahad Street, Jeddah, KSA

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The table below summarizes all markets where AMRB has conducted research projects.

Middle East Levant North Africa Other markets
Saudi Arabia Lebanon Egypt Pakistan
UAE Jordan Marocco Turkey
Kuwait Syria Algeria Kenya
Qatar Tunisia Nigeria
Bahrain Libya