Testimonials clients


  • Bassil Abul Ata,

    Marketing Staff Director MEA, Fayrouz International

    AMRB is one of the most professional Research Agencies I have worked with, their dedication and integrity is of the highest order.
  • Ann Van Den Bossche,

    Market Research & Consumer Insight Manager MEA, Fayrouz International

    AMRB is truly the best agency in the market research industry in the entire region. I highly recommend AMRB to clients looking for being challenged on their research briefs as well as marketing and consumer insights that drive business decision making. All of the AMRB researchers combine a passion for market research with outstanding client servicing skills.
  • Sherif Ali,

    Consumer Insights Manager, British American Tobacco, GCC

    I have been dealing with AMRB for the last couple of years in two different markets. When I worked with the AMRB team for the first time, it was with the Egypt office and although it was a very small office, however, I have to admit that I was really impressed with their performance in terms of level of understanding of business issues, analytical skills and meeting deadlines. I always count on the fact they will deliver on schedule if not earlier with absolutely no compromise on the quality of work. A recent example was delivering a large project in KSA, Kuwait & UAE and needless to say how impressive and fine tuned their analysis was to our business issues and the company's strategic focus.
  • Shyam S. Sunder,

    Consumer Insights Manager, Coca-Cola Middle East

    Being a quantitative researcher, I would give AMRB 6 on a 7 point Overall Opinion scale!! Their key strength is that they have a young team and so have the concomitant advantages of being enthusiastic, energetic, and eager to learn/ please. AMRB know they are not #1, that they don't have the first-mover advantage in the ME - and so like Avis, they try harder!
  • Abdellatif Elmardenly,

    Consumer and Marketing Insights Manager, Unilever

    To start with, given that Unilever is the top spender on TV advertising in the Middle East region, it makes it very crucial for us to partner with a world class research agency in terms of ad testing. AMRB has proved technical mastery of the Preview tool, in addition to high execution speed, coupled with thorough analysis and strategic recommendations based on deep understanding of the consumers in the region. Concerning other types of research, AMRB's USP is their consistent level of service across countries in the region and their high speed of execution, which is very crucial for multi country research projects with tight time lines.
  • Sherif El Sheikh,

    Consumer Insights Manager, Kraft Egypt

    I think one of the main strength points at AMRB is that the research team do not act on the research brief as is, they think of the problem in depth, and challenge the thinking behind it, try to see it from different perspectives, and usually come up with innovative methodologies that best achieve the objectives.
  • 7. Partha Jha,

    Consumer Insights Manager, Kraft Foods

    AMRB has been an important partner for more than 5 years now. The relationship started with licensed products like LINK and has grown with large assignments on strategically important categories. AMRB's unique marketing/brand perspectives, turnaround timings and overall servicing orientation has resulted in very close partnership on these categories. We wish the team the very best for the future.