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Case Studies

Case Studies

Marketing to Muslims

Snippets from path-breaking research conducted by JWT & AMRB to understand values of Muslims as consumers, spanning from Marocco to Indonesia View Details

Demand estimation for Limited Mobility Service

A case let based on a combination of conjoint with logistic regression to estimate demand for various options of a Limited Mobility telecom service View Details

Measuring sensitivity to price change

Incorporating additional questions to a regular Choice Based Conjoint approach, in order to better predict price sensitivity in low unit cost categories View Details

Advertising learning in MENA & Turkey

Some learning on how MENA & Turkey consumers decode television advertising, based on the large amount of ad pretesting experience View Details

Media & Lifestyle Trends in MENA

Emerging trends in media and lifestyle in key MENA markets of KSA and Egypt View Details

Pricing research in an atypical category

A case based on adaptation of pricing research approach to a B2B category – international courier services View Details

Effective concept screening

An introduction to InnovalTM, a concept screening protocol that integrates quantitative robustness with qualitative diagnostic View Details

Deeper look at consumer needs & motivations

A caselet that describes use of qualitative laddering techniques to derive deeper consumer insight View Details

Usability testing

Advantages of applying usability testing principles in website/ online interface design View Details

Decoding consumer insight in closed societies

Use of various data sources & techniques to provide deeper insight in societies that are closed and conservative View Details